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With an impressive user base, the WhatsApp app is establishing itself as the world’s most popular instant messenger. Although it was initially conceived as a simple replacement for SMS. This revolutionary solution has been increasingly popular with companies over the years. And it is not the craze around the keyword “WhatsApp Business reviews” that will contradict this observation!

Have you been told about the WhatsApp Business API but you still hesitate to download it? In order to put an end to all your doubts, ChayAll has concocted some WhatsApp Business reviews from its customers. Indeed, these are testimonials from companies that have installed instant messaging on their site. Whether it is to boost their online sales or improve their customer relationship, they have chosen to trust ChayAll solutions.

WhatsApp Business Reviews: The Perfect Solution for Real Estate Agents

Available on Android, iOS, and Windows, the WhatsApp Business app is the ideal channel to start conversations with your customers!

What the WhatsApp Business API has brought to the Brew’s Immo agency

Technological advancement affects many sectors, especially real estate. Indeed, companies belonging to this field must adapt more and more to the needs of their customers. Among the main real estate players who have opted for instant messaging, we find Brew’s Immo. This Parisian real estate agency offers users of its website to exchange messages with the company via instant messaging. Enough to win mandates easily! It is therefore a real long-term investment.

During the interview with Samy-Félix Picard, the founder of Brew’s Immo. The latter gave us his opinion on WhatsApp Business, telling us that he himself has already carried out some real estate transactions via instant messaging, stating I quote:

“Personally, I have already rented by WhatsApp, for example. The person watched a walkthrough video. We communicated by messages and we called only to sign the lease. I also sold to an investor during the first lockdown. Only through digital communication (SMS, video, and 3D tour). We visited the property in real-time on the day of the notarial meeting! ”

Messaging: an essential part of any marketing strategy

Millennials, also called Generation Y, bring together all those born between 1980 and the year 2000. In addition to being adept at digital tools, they now represent 41% of future real estate buyers. Hence the interest in opting for a marketing strategy focused on digital conversations.
On the other hand, in the United States, instant messaging is essential for the real estate industry. In fact, 83% of millennials in the United States say they are inclined to make an offer to purchase real estate without ever having visited it.

Very useful features for your business

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Thanks to the new features of WhatsApp Business, you can more easily start conversations with your customers!

If you had to choose only one messaging to improve your advertising campaigns, it would undoubtedly be WhatsApp. The latter is undoubtedly the ideal partner for real estate agents wishing to take care of their marketing strategy. Indeed, this instant messaging application has several arguments that explain its success.

Simplified document sharing, message exchange, sending audiovisual content (photo and video) … As well as a wide range of features that allow companies to better manage their image and acquire new customers :

  • Much like Facebook MessengerWhatsApp lets you send automatic welcome messages whenever a customer sends a message to your business.
  • You benefit from a ” Business Profile “. It allows you to enter information such as your hours, the address of your agency, your website, etc.
  • Then you can also take advantage of what is called ” Quick replies ”. These are the answers to questions you are often asked and which are pre-recorded.
  • Last but not least. Statistics that allow you to have visibility on messages sent, delivered, received or read.

w to gain in productivity thanks to messaging?

Exchange messages more easily with your customer’s thanks to the various messaging applications.Merchants no longer hesitate to entrust their customer relationship to instant messaging, which is massively popular with customers. Just look at the growing popularity of “ WhatsApp commerce” and “ WhatsApp Business review ” queries on Google to be convinced.

WhatsApp is for the merchant what LinkedIn is for the employment professional and Instagram is for the influencer. A decisive and essential tool! Indeed, WhatsApp and online commerce form a winning couple. The messaging application with two billion users allows merchants to boost their reach, maximize sales and optimize costs through automation, without touching the code and without taking digital training.

As a foretaste of the strengths of WhatsApp and instant messaging, ChayAll exclusively presents the interview with Philippe Garreau. The founder of Cuisin’store. This is business e-commerce, specializing in kitchenware.

According to its founder, the integration of ChayAll solutions has enabled the company to provide answers to the new expectations of its consumers. The company, therefore, wanted to offer users of its website communication channels to facilitate the exchange of messages. He also said that the ability to handle multiple conversations at once has helped the company to become more productive. To learn more about WhatsApp Business reviews, do not hesitate to join our page dedicated to customer reviews.

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