What data is exported to WhatsApp?

Discussions to WhatsApp can no longer in Germany exported become. Classic backup, however, is not affected. Has long saved WhatsApp the course of all Discussions including related videos. The files can be found in Apple’s iCloud (iPhone) and on Google DriveAndroid ).

Keeping an eye on this, can I export a WhatsApp chat ?. Go to that Chat, the exporting you open the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and click “More”. Choose ”  Chat Email” and “Attach Media” to include your photos. Send the email to your email address.

So what are databases in which application?

The Backup – Your chat history files are stored in the / sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases / registered folder. You cannot use these files outside of open WhatsApp. You will need a file manager to delete these files.

Can I delete databases?

But you can do it again Clear: To do this, open the file manager on your smartphone or use another Explorer app. … Then hold your finger for a few seconds on the “ Databases ” folder and choose “ Release ”. This removes all backups from your phone.

Where can I find the WhatsApp databases?

WhatsApp saves the Daily Backups for up to 7 days.

  1. End WhatsApp and delete the app from your smartphone.
  2. Open the file manager on your phone. …
  3. Navigate to the path “/ sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases ” or “/ local / WhatsApp / Databases “.
  4. Here Find Now the file “msgstore.

What does exporting chat history mean?

Export chat history

You can use the ” Export Chats ” Use to get a copy of the chat history from one-on-one or group export chat. … Choose whether you like the Chat with or without media export want.

Are WhatsApp messages saved on the phone?

The local chat backup is on your Android – Smartphone in the “ WhatsApp / Databases ” folder. This is either in the local memory or on the SD card. The backup is called “msgstore. DB.

How do I get my old WhatsApp messages back to my new phone?


WhatsApp -Chat on a New Android – Smart Phone Transfer

  1. Cloud backup. Navigate the old WhatsApp Phone to backup options under Settings> Chats> Chat Backup. …
  2. Manually. Close your old and new smartphone to a computer and activate data transfer (MTP) on both devices

How can I get WhatsApp chats from old to new cell phones?

Go to “Settings”, then to ” Discussions  ” and finally to ” Chat -Save”. Here you have to press the green button “Save”. After installing WhatsApp activated your new Android – Convenient and mandatory verification of your phone number, you can use your WhatsApp – Discussions simply transferred.

What does it mean to archive all chats in WhatsApp?

Note the Archive becomes a Chat not deleted or saved to your SD card. The archived individual and group chats become visible again as soon as you receive a new message in the respective individual or group chat.

Are deleted WhatsApp messages still stored somewhere?

Fortunately, the messenger gives you the option to find out what you thought was lost news and restore pictures. However, this is only possible in a roundabout way. Because, unlike Windows, there is WhatsApp no trash in the deleted files are moved. What was deleted is gone – at least almost.

Is WhatsApp saved on the SIM card?

On the device. One can WhatsApp even on devices without Sim use as well Convenient without Sim. … On the SIM card will only be saved contacts.

Will everything be deleted if you uninstall WhatsApp?

If you uninstall the app, it is not automatically your deleted account. If you only use the uninstall app, your account will remain. You can reconnect at any time with your phone number.

How to save WhatsApp chats on PC?


WhatsApp Chat History with Photos and Videos from Android to Computer Export

  1. In the open Chat, you open the menu via the three-point menu at the top right of the Android application.
  2. Here you select the “More” option.
  3. Then the point ”  Discuss export“.

How do I copy a chat history?


It works like this:

  1. Control the Chat from which you want to copy a message.
  2. Press and hold the line of text.
  3. The message is marked. …
  4. Now tap on the three dots at the top right.
  5. You choose from the Copy menu.

How to copy and save WhatsApp messages?

WhatsApp – news as a text file save

Go to the chat from which you want to Save messages. Press the menu button, then select “More”. Now you have to tap on “Send chat by email” and choose if you also want to send the saved photos as you want.

What happens if you delete WhatsApp?

WhatsApp clarifies in its FAQ what to do with the user’s data arrives if his account is deleted. The user no longer has access to their chat history and groups. The backup storage on Google Drive is also emptied. Sent messages are always visible to recipients.

Where is the WhatsApp backup in iCloud?

iCloud Chat History – Backup Restore

Make sure under WhatsApp > Settings> Chats> Chat Backup , the existence iCloud – Backup exists.

What is Google Drive backup on WhatsApp?

the Google – Drive -Cloud storage has a limited capacity – by default, users have only 15 gigabytes, which is also used for photos stored in Google Photos, and documents are claimed. Is this Backup is created, you will never have to worry about WhatsApp data loss worry again.

How easy is it to delete backups?

WhatsApp- Delete backup to Android

You cannot use the messenger itself to save the Clear backup file, you need a file manager to do it. One is preinstalled on some smartphones. Alternatively, you can get a program from the Play Store, for example, Asus’ Clear File Manager.

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