How to print SMS In WhatsApp

How to print SMS In WhatsApp

A phenomenon that is starting to be popular, printing text messages or exchanges on online chat applications allows you to keep your exchanges with your loved ones.

Whether as a gift or as a souvenir, this operation is possible on all trading platforms on Android and iPhone.

In this article, you will learn about the different ways to print SMS.

The use of a specific tool

If you want to know how to print SMS, there are external tools such as MySMSBook. The latter is an application available on computers and mobile. With this software, your discussions will be saved and printed in the format you want. To be clearer, you must first download MySMSBook.

Then, just select the conversation to transform on paper. Before passing on your exact contact details, you can personalize it with emoji or other decorative items. Finally, you will be able to obtain your exchanges in the form of a book.

Whatever the reason for the impression, for proof of care or love, you have the opportunity to use an application like MySMSBook to immortalize all your discussions. The most common messages can be on Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or texting on your phone.

Once established in book form, your SMS will be kept preciously on paper. As a result, you just have to scroll a few pages to remember the precious moments.

If you are looking for a gift for your friend, companion or family member, you can print the messages that are important to you. Very original, this book can be kept throughout your life.

print SMS

Take a screenshot

The easiest way to print your SMS is probably with a “screenshot”, in other words, a screenshot. Since all smartphones have this option, you just need to do it to get your chats in picture format. Stored in your gallery, this image can be printed with any printer.

In order to be successful in printing, the steps to follow are simple. First, you must open your dedicated application for SMS, Messenger, Instagram, or even WhatsApp. All you have to do is find the messages you want to print.

Then, it will take several “screenshots“. On iPhones, the screenshot is done by pressing the home button and volume down. If you have a recent model, just click on the screenshot option in the navigation bar.

For Android users, just press the power button and volume down for about three seconds. However, be aware that the handling will depend on your smartphone model. Finally, you will need to connect your smartphone to your printer.

Why print your exchanges by phone?

Indeed, there are several reasons for making an impression of your text messages. First of all, it can be a personal reason. If you are very close to someone, you will definitely always like to chat with that person.

When you are alone, then you could re-read your old conversations to regain the joy. Declaration of love, sharing of photos, jokes, or even sexting, these exchanges are memories that must be kept.

To avoid wasting time scrolling through long discussions, the easiest solution is to print SMS messages.

On the other hand, business reasons may lead you to print out your text chats. When it comes to SMS prospecting, for example, taking a screenshot is essential as proof of the agreement.

If necessary, you can even print it out to testify in the event of a dispute. In a way, the impression of a discussion is essential in order to leave a material or physical trace during a dispute. Another possible situation is your partner’s infidelity.

If you ever see texts that prove her betrayal, you can print them out and present them as proof for a divorce.

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