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How do I know who is watching me on WhatsApp?Where many users prefer the “WhatsApp” application in terms of talking via SMS, and this application was different from what it was in its first version, especially after the company “Facebook” bought it, until what it achieves the developments it is today. , Where you can hide the history of your last use of the ‘last seen’ app, and another feature has been added, which is the blue mark that indicates whether the person you sent the message to has read it or not, and recently it has become possible to make calls through the WhatsApp application, And many additions that in turn lead to an increase in the level of this application and increase the possibility of benefiting from it, and in this article, one more

There is an app called “WhatsApp – Who Watched Me” which is an Android system app that lets you know if anyone has recently visited your file, as now it is not difficult to know the person who has liked your picture or status that you express, and who comes back to watch them more than once, and using this app is very simple because you can use it by following the following simple steps:

  • Download the app, and it may require you to download the mobile app market 1
  • If you want to be able to install Android apps from unknown sources before installing this app, go to Settings, then Security, then under Device Management, then tick Unknown sources.
  • You can now download and run the application.
  • Click on the big green button.

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Conditions to know who visited my profile on WhatsApp

There are a number of conditions that must be met in order to be able to find out who has visited your profile on the WhatsApp application, and these conditions are as follows:

  • You need to use WhatsApp Plus on your device.
  • You must be open to WhatsApp.
  • You shouldn’t be afraid to appear on WhatsApp.
  • It should be that those who visit your profile are not hidden from appearing on the WhatsApp app.

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How do you know if WhatsApp is hacked?

You can easily find out whether your WhatsApp app is hacked by someone or not, by following the following simple steps:

  • Click on the options menu on the main WhatsApp page.
  • Several options will appear to you, including a new group, WhatsApp Web, group message, etc.
  • Choose WhatsApp Web.
  • In case you see “Scan Code” then you are safe and not hacked, but in case a certain date, time, last appearance, type and system of the browser appears on the screen, it indicates that someone one hacked into your account and read your conversations.
  • Here you need to go directly to the web page and sign out of all devices.
  • You need to repeat this process from time to time by accessing WhatsApp web from the main page and making sure that no one is spying on you when it appears to you to scan the code.

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Here we have come to the end of the article, after all the information on your question has been clarified, how to know who is watching me on WhatsApp, as well as the steps by which you can tell if your WhatsApp application is hacked or not. , and we hope the article will impress you.

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