Enjoy the benefits of WhatsApp Business with ChayAll

So as not to lose sight of the essentials for your business, here are the goals we aim to achieve with WhatsApp Business API :

  • Optimizing your customer service in all its aspects;
  • Help you develop your customer base.

We, therefore, aim to improve your responsiveness, give your customers the opportunity to contact you through their favorite instant messaging application, and limit your customer service expenses.

For this, ChayAll supports the entire technical implementation of WhatsApp Business API. From exchanges with Facebook (owner of WhatsApp ) to the implementation of our instant messaging solution.

And because respecting confidentiality is a very important criterion when integrating a new channel, we take care to protect your data. And this is thanks to a configuration compliant with the GDPR. Indeed, all our servers are hosted Your data is thus anonymized after one month and deleted after three months.

The advantages of WhatsApp Business associated with a virtual number

There are many advantages of associating a virtual number with  WhatsApp Business API. Today, in the age of Android and iOS, several constraints can be lifted with a virtual phone number. You can thus be telephoned without being tied to a physical line. Your virtual number can therefore direct calls to the terminals of your choice.

Landline or mobile phone, tablet, computer, or VOIP software, several choices are available to you. This solution is particularly adopted by companies operating internationally and by call centers. Its popularity is explained by its much less expensive than local telephone subscriptions.

In addition to ensuring the integration of the WhatsApp Business API application, ChayAll also provides you with a virtual number to make your job easier.

Why choose our all-in-one chat solution?

Your customers can send you a message directly from your website!

ChayAll’s services are not just limited to providing a virtual phone number to businesses. We also intervene to make your customer service a real generator of sales.

WhatsApp Business API is certainly a great way to communicate with your customers. However, he is far from being the only one. In order to offer you a turnkey service, we offer you our all-in-one chat solution. It integrates the most used instant messengers on your website. On the menu :

  • WhatsApp Business API,
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Apple Business Chat,
  • Google’s Business Messages,
  • A Live Chat tool,
  • A tool for managing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter comments.

With the ChayAll solution, you can support the management of every message, comment, and conversation with your customers from a single platform.

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