Advantages and disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus hides the person’s last appearance on WhatsApp, so that no one can see the word Online Now at the top of the conversation, and the last appearance will be written, is the last appearance written at the top of the screen.

  • Hide the numeric checkmark, which is a sign that appears when you turn on the internet from your mobile phone, and next to the message there are two checkmarks, the first sign expresses the arrival of the message in the system and the second mark expresses receipt of the message from the Internet, and this feature prevents the second mark from appearing from the system. In other words, you have not yet received a message.
  • Hide the two blue checkmarks and the two correct marks are colored in their explanation, as soon as you enter the conversation, so that the other party sees that you have read the message, but in WhatsApp Plus you can hide both checkmarks blue.
  • You hide the word Enter that appears at the top of the conversation so that if you don’t want to send the message, you can also hide the current recording.
  • You can turn off the internet on WhatsApp and keep the internet connection in other apps.
  • Allows you to hide multiple conversations.
  • It provides plenty of auto-reply messages in case you are busy replying to a conversation.
  • It allows you to delete any message from all the conversations you have made at any time.
  • You can act like a Viber program, that is, it offers you a personal number that you don’t have, so that you can call and talk to them.
  • The size of files received in normal WhatsApp is 16 GB, and WhatsApp Plus can send and receive files up to 30 MB in size.
  • It offers the ability to download the status of anyone, without having to call the person to send it to you.

WhatsApp Plus features

There are many features in WhatsApp Plus in terms of cases that you can view or download, and we will get to know the most important features that you can do, which are as follows: –

  • You can view the cases you have without the knowledge of the person who owns the case and without your name appearing among the views.
  • You can download as many cases as you want without the person knowing or permission to download the cases.
  • It allows you to change the most important thing of normal WhatsApp programs because it allows you to download status up to 7 minutes, unlike normal WhatsApp which reaches 30 seconds.
  • It is characterized by smooth operation and downloading cases without any problem, and it can download cases in the back screen, that is, while you are working on any of the tasks.

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Disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus

We have learned the advantages of WhatsApp Plus and we will find out the disadvantages of WhatsApp Plus, which are as follows: –

  • It has the worst flaw, which is the emergence of numerous advertisements while roaming the application, which limits the freedom of movement in WhatsApp Plus.
  • It does not have a message backup function, in order to store the messages and activate them when needed, or to forward messages from the app to another device when the app is open on it, which means that all messages it contains will be deleted when the phone is changed.

Download WhatsApp Plus

You can download the WhatsApp Plus app, but when downloading this program, you need to make sure the official download source, since it is not from the main WhatsApp company, and it is not available in Google Play. Store, and it is downloaded for Android devices and iPhones as follows: –

  • You can download the WhatsApp Plus app on Android devices by clicking on the following word Download.
  • You can download the WhatsApp Plus app on iPhones running the iOS operating system by clicking on the following word Download.

WhatsApp Plus Features – Activate the feature to hide appearances in WhatsApp Plus

We will learn how to activate a feature among the features of WhatsApp Plus, and we will get to know the steps in detail, namely: –

  • You enter the WhatsApp Plus settings.
  • Click on the activation sign that appears.
  • It will write to you the day you activate the feature.

Enable ad hiding in WhatsApp Plus

Many people are upset because of the advertisements that are forced to watch them, but WhatsApp Plus presented the problem and provided a solution for it, we will learn more about how to activate a feature among the features of WhatsApp Plus, and we will get to know the following steps:

  • You first enter the settings.
  • You scroll down through the options.
  • You will find an option called Ad Removal Settings.
  • You click on it.
  • You reconnect by clicking on the connection option.
  • Then you write your unique username as follows (majod 2 * 2).
  • The password is 1211.
  • After that, the function of not showing ads is enabled in the WhatsApp Plus program.
  • A message will appear stating that none of the ads will be placed on the schedule again.
  • You are using the program without any advertising that might interfere with your movement.

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Hide watch status in WhatsApp Plus

You can WhatsApp to view WhatsApp statuses without your name appearing in status viewers, and this method is done by following a set of rules, as follows: –

  • You click on the three dots on the left of the screen.
  • There will be several options available.
  • You will click the option to hide the status view.
  • It becomes hidden when the status is displayed.

Activate Internet shutdown in WhatsApp Plus

Many people get annoyed when the internet is connected to all apps because sometimes the user wants to connect only to one app and not another app, but this feature is available in the WhatsApp Plus program.

There is a panel at the top of WhatsApp Plus, through which you can close the internet on the app, which is a sign similar to Wi-Fi, and when you click on it, it warns you that it will close the internet about WhatsApp Plus application, and the person accepts, WhatsApp goes offline Although there is internet on the rest of the device.

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We have learned the features of WhatsApp Plus, and the user should be familiar with all the features that allow him in the WhatsApp Plus program, which we have explained in detail so that the user can benefit from all the capabilities available in the program, and the program is small in download, so it’s easy to download for users at any time.

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